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This cotton tissue is specially designed for little ones' delicate skin. When they have a runny nose or a dirty corner of their mouth, this soft, strong, fluorescent-free tissue provides the ultimate care for your baby's skin.

1.100% Cotton: Facial dry wipes are made from 100% cotton only, very thick, strong and soft, suitable size 120×200mm

2. It's soft and gentle , ideal for caring fragile skin.Gentle enough to clean face and hands at home, put in cars or go traveling. Ideal for face cleaning, removing makeup, avoid red nose during clean runny nose, and cleaning surfaces.

3. Chemical free and unscented.

4. Dry and Wet Use Tissue: Absorbent like a small towel but as convenient as a tissue pack. Soak water to become handmade water wet wipes, avoid the harsh chemicals from normal wet wipes. Won't tear up after soaking into Water, won't leave broken tissue residue. Because of it's dry and wet use character, The function of 1 pcs cotton tissue is nearly equal to 3 pcs traditional paper tissue, cotton tissue is soft and unbroken.

5. Size: 120 x 200mm. 100 sheets per pack.

100% Cotton Tissue (100pcs x6packs)

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