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Club Membership

Moms come together and do great things together

MUXINAI Mommy Club gathers high-quality mommy groups,

shares valuable information about wealth, career, life, education, etc.,

helps mothers to have wealth, happiness, beauty, health, and self-achievement,

helps mothers' families to be healthy, happy, and thriving,

helps mothers in distress out of their misery.

Resource Sharing

MUXINAI Mommy Club members have rich and high-quality personal or family resources and are willing to share.

The resources cover:


  • Business development planning and optimization solutions

  • Network marketing skills

  • Different industry entrepreneurs sharing session


  • Quality investment information

  • Wealth wisdom lectures


  • Both quality and aesthetics of products

  • Dietary health/fat Loss and body shape consultant

  • Medical beauty project advisory


  • Elite project advisory

  • Children's education advisory


  • Professional psychological counseling

  • Emotional relationship lectures

With the growth of the MUXINAI Mommy Club, a large number of high-quality resources will be poured in, and will continue to provide members with more high-quality and extensive services.


Enthusiastic about charity

"Mothers support mothers" is the purpose of the MUXINAI Mommy Club, MUXINAI will take RM5,000 from the annual fee (RM20,000) of each club member for charitable donations to help those moms or their children who have major diseases, such as preeclampsia, premature birth, congenital diseases, down syndrome, etc., in difficult family conditions and need help. Although this charity would be initiated by the MUXINAI, it is participated by each club member, which also expressed the meaning of the slogan of the MUXINAI Mommy Club, "Moms unite to do great things together".

Charity is one of the important reasons to attract mothers to join the club, because we have the experience of being a mother, and we feel more heartache for those mothers who are in hardship, and through the platform of MUXINAI, we can contribute to them together.

MUXINAI has joined forces with a number of hospitals in Malaysia, and donors allow public information to be truthfully reported to club members to ensure the authenticity, stability and continuity of the dedicated funds and charitable work.

Club Application Fees and Requirements

Annual Fee: RM20,000 (RM5,000 for charity)

Each club member recommends one eligible member to join the club and receives a RM3000 reward.

Application Requirements:

  1. At least one child

  2. At least a bachelor's degree background

  3. Have a personal expertise

  4. Annual personal income or annual household income of RM100,000 or above

  5. ​There are no violations of the law and discipline or bad habits

Are you willing to gain more information in such a group so that you and your family can have new improvements in life? Everyone's power is limited, but together we can be a very powerful energy.

If you have any questions, please email to

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