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Nature Education Family Camp in Malaysia

A two-day Parent-Child Nature Education Camp organized by MUXINAI and Lubarcamp ended. I am grateful to have received the attention and interest of so many families. For some families, this was their first camping experience. Family camping is more difficult than other types of camping because parents have to take care of the kids in many aspects.

The first day started with setting up the tents. Daddies learned the tent construction so fast even though they were hot and sweaty under the sun. Kids also join and enhance their hands-on ability.

Kids played in the stream, found different kinds of plants in the forest and collected wood for the bonfire at night.. They learned various ways to make boats with leaves, raced together and had so much fun.

After dinner, we introduced ourselves and got to know each other better. We learned more about different parenting styles.

For the movie night, MUXIANI chose the Disney movie Zootopia. This movie motivates children to follow their dreams and pursue them regardless of the prejudices of others.

On the second day, most families got up early to have breakfast, chat and go fishing.

MUXINAI guided kids to paint outdoor and combine reality and imagination together to create artworks. They did it so well! After that, we used the plants we picked up yesterday to make the plant touch book.

For the last lunch, we cooked wagyu that smelled and tasted so good.

During the trip, I talked to parents and got to know more about them and their kids’ characters and what bothers them on a daily basis in parenting. I was so moved by each family's stories and I will provide them a deeper consultation after the trip.

One of the parents could not spend much time with the children due to work. After our communication, the situation began to improve. The purpose of work is to provide a better life for ourselves and our children, but that doesn't mean we have to somehow harm them by not spending time together (making them feel lonely, fearful, or sad).

Another child is active by nature and his mom is a little worried. In fact, the boy's creativity and curiosity are very strong, and too much restraint will hinder his development. Such children need more parental patience, careful guidance, and they will become outstanding personalities in the future.

​​In the end, parents and kids played ATV together.

I hope each of the family enjoyed this camping experience as much as we did. Every parent and kid was so lovely and kind and we hope to see them at the next MUXINAI events.

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