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"MUXINAI" means "caring for the mother's heart",

Selects mother, child and baby products that combine aesthetics and quality;

Provides courses and counseling services for mothers at different stages on pregnancy, postpartum, parent-child education, couple relationship, career development;

Organizes a variety of mom and parent-child activities;

Establishes a high-level mommy club for resource sharing.

The brand story of "MUXINAI"

"MUXINAI" means "caring for the mother's heart".

MUXINAI founder has three children and she has experienced most mothers encountered in pregnancy, childbirth, feeding, parenting. Thanks to her work in psychological counseling, she can well adjust her inner state.

She knows that there are many trivial problems on the road to motherhood. Although the network is now developed, there are many opinions on each issue, which makes the originally confused mother more confused.

So she decided to set up "MUXINAI" and share her experience and insights as a mother with more mothers.

During pregnancy, mothers go to the hospital for obstetric examinations to check their own and their babies' physical condition, but mothers also have such as the fear and confusion of the newborn coming, the anxiety and sadness caused by the physical pressure. Many emotions in their hearts are nowhere to be placed.

After childbirth, there are many confinement centers that pay attention to the mother's body and provide them with good postpartum recuperation services. But only one month, when mothers return home, there will be many problems such as physical discomfort, baby feeding and sleeping difficulty, couple and family relationship and other issues.

As kids grow up, moms will also encounter problems such as child rebellion, communication barrier, company with multiple kids and balance between career and family.

However, there is lack of a platform to care for the hearts of mothers, which can answer questions for mothers, and the founder is more convinced that "MUXINAI" is the need of every mother.

MUXINAI provides courses and counselling services on a wide range of topics for mothers at different stages, from pregnancy, postpartum, to parenting education. Considering that many women are prone to give up work after having children, are disconnected from society for many years, have emotional problems with couples, and are increasingly unconfident and uncreative, MUXINAI also provides courses and consulting services for mothers about emotional relationship and career development.

The founder, Ditong, hope that through the help of MUXINAI, more mothers can reap happiness, health, beauty, self-confidence and achievement.

Besides, MUXINAI

selects high-quality mother, child and baby products to bring a better life experience for you.

holds a wealth of mom and parent-child activities to enrich the life of mothers, establish a high-quality friend circle, let parents no longer worry about where to play with their children, and create a warm parent-child time.

sets up a high-quality mom club, share high-quality personal resources, and help each other. At the same time, help mothers or their children who have serious diseases and difficult family conditions, and gather the strength of many mothers to contribute to society.

This is MUXINAI, a community that cares for mothers, and a brand that combines products, courses and consulting, activities, clubs and e-commerce.

Hope more friends like us and join us!

Mother, Child and Baby Products

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