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Illness is the cry of the heart.

  • 1 hour
  • 200 Malaysian ringgits
  • 网络会面/Online

Lecture Description

很多母亲,尤其是新手妈妈,在巨大的产后压力面前,患上了产后抑郁。这个时候的妈妈非常需要向上的指引,把她们从情绪的深渊中拉出来。不管你是否有产后抑郁额,也许你只是不开心,都可以同过这堂课学会成为一名快乐的妈妈。 Many mothers, especially new mothers, suffer from postpartum depression in the face of enormous postpartum stress. At this time, mothers very much need upward guidance to pull them out of the emotional abyss. Whether you have postpartum depression or not, or maybe you're just unhappy, you can learn to be a happy mom with this class.

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