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What to do if you feel bored, confused and worried during pregnancy?

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Lecture Description

你是否有孕期感到无精打采、百无聊赖的现象?看到家人、朋友为事业和梦想奔波,自己却无所适从,感觉无价值感?你是否对有孩子后的生活感到恐惧,不知未来会怎样?这时你需要向上的指引,力量的支持。孕妈依然可以活力四射,产后的生活更是新的开始。通过这节课,你将找到方向和信心。 Have you ever felt listless and bored during pregnancy? Do you feel worthless when seeing family members and friends rushing for career and dreams, but not knowing what to do for yourself? Are you apprehensive about your life after having kids and wondering what the future is like? At this time you need upward guidance and support. Pregnant mothers can still be full of vitality, and postpartum life is a new beginning. Through this lesson, you will find direction and confidence.

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