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How to deal with negative emotions and get through the third trimester

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Lecture Description

孕晚期容易出现腰痛、臀腿肌肉酸痛、水肿、睡不安稳、尿频、频繁起夜、小腹坠胀等身体状况。当妈妈像球一样,坐卧行走都变得困难时,心里容易产生愤怒、烦躁、委屈、不满等负面情绪。如何能够自我调节,做好情绪管理,对孕妇、孩子的身心健康是极其重要的。而且每一个家庭成员也不愿意看到一个心情差的妈妈,让我们一起来学习做快乐孕妇,顺利地度过孕晚期吧!加油,你就要看到宝宝啦~ In the third trimester, there are so many physical conditions like low back pain, hip and leg muscle soreness, edema, restless sleep, frequent urination, frequent waking up at night and abdominal distention. When a mother is like a ball and it becomes difficult to sit, lie down and walk, it is easy to generate negative emotions such as anger, irritability, grievance, and dissatisfaction. How to be able to self-regulate and manage emotions is extremely important to the physical and mental health of pregnant women and children. Every family member doesn't want to see a mother in a bad mood. Let's learn to be a happy pregnant woman and get through the third trimester smoothly! Come on, you are about to see the baby~

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