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How to avoid bias for different genders or multiple children?

  • 1 hour
  • 200 Malaysian ringgits
  • 网络会面/Online

Lecture Description

有些人有重男轻女的问题,有些人会尤其喜欢自己的某个孩子或疏远某个孩子,这些都是我们自己的问题,而不是孩子的问题,可是却会让孩子误以为是他们的问题。这其实和我们每个人的童年经历、内心活动有关,当我们揭开心里这片未知的领域,你会发现你看每个孩子都是那样可爱。 Some people have problems with sons over daughters. Some people especially like one of their children or alienate a certain child. These are our own problems, not the child's problem, but it will make the child think it is their problem . This is actually related to the childhood experiences and inner activities of each of us. When we uncover this unknown area of the heart, you will find that every child you see is so cute.

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