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How to avoid and solve postpartum depression?

  • 1 h
  • 200 Malaysian ringgits
  • 网络会面/Online

Lecture Description

妈妈在产后会面临身体修复、喂养宝宝等问题,在自身身体不适的情况下又承担着照顾新生儿的巨大压力。如果不能得到家人的支持和理解,很容易陷入产后抑郁。希望通过这节课,可以解开每位妈妈的心结,给你向上的力量,拥有好的内心状态。 After giving birth, mothers will face problems in the process of body repair and feeding the baby. Under the condition of their own physical discomfort, they need bear the huge pressure of taking care of the newborn. If mummies can't get the support and understanding of her families, it's easy to fall into postpartum depression. Through this class, every mom can untie the knots in their mind, get the support and have a good inner state.

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