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Stop violent control and learn the right way to communicate with kids

  • 1 hour
  • 200 Malaysian ringgits
  • 网络会面/Online

Lecture Description

很多家长在孩子怎么说都不听时,容易控制不住自己的脾气,甚至大打出手。在打孩子过后又会十分的自责,导致和孩子的关系逐渐疏远复杂,孩子也因此留下心理阴影,会对未来的人生产生长久的影响。改变从你开始,暴力只会使孩子变得压抑、委屈、愤怒,如果我们不希望孩子出现问题,来学习正确的管教方式吧! Many parents can easily lose control of their temper and even fight when their children do not listen to what they say. After hitting the child, he will be very self-blame, resulting in the gradual alienation and complexity of the relationship with the child. The child will also leave a psychological shadow, which will have a long-term impact on the future life. Change starts with you. Violence will only make children depressed, wronged and angry. If we don't want children to have problems, let's learn the correct way of discipline!

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