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这款棉柔巾专门为小宝宝设计,宝宝的皮肤娇嫩,在他们流鼻涕或是嘴角有脏东西时,这款柔软、有韧劲、不含荧光剂的纸巾可以极致地呵护宝宝的皮肤 3-Ply Ultra Soft Tissues Plus Nose Care Rich Mositure Soft Skincare Moisturizing Touch Skin-friendly Ultra-soft .Soft 3-layer strong facial tissues infused with Japanese Moisturizing lotion;Daily moisturizers nourish and help protect skin;Soothing lotion facial tissues help protect skin by locking in moisture;Prepare for all seasons in your home with Kleenex Soothing Lotion facial tissues;Skin-friendly & Additives-free, Fluorescer-free, Safe and healthy for sensitive skin;Multi-use: Wash face, remove makeup, baby care. Suitable for adults and children, say goodbye to skin and nose allergies.

Removable Moisturizing Wipes(108pcs)抽取式保湿纸巾

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