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Babies aged 0-3 like to pick things and poke holes with their small hands. This is a critical period for the development of fine motor skills.
BABYCARE Dongdong Books and Organ Books came into being, guiding cognitive enlightenment with scientific concepts.
Wonderful presents various life scenes, natural scenes, and stereo perception. In the small holes, the perception of things is formed and good habits are formed.
Turn around, push and push, suitable for baby's small hand operation, exercise hand-eye coordination, and advanced to cultivate fine and small movements.
Babies aged 0-3 are very sensitive to visual images. The cute holes are matched with various patterns, which can effectively exercise the baby's observation and imagination.
Each page is matched with bilingual Chinese and English, poems, storylines, etc., follow the picture book with parents, and promote the baby's social and emotional growth and thinking.

Finger hole book

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