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Food grade pp, can be frozen, reject BPA,

Safe and tasteless, baby enjoys delicious food and is healthier

Thick and delicate that the hand can perceive, carefully polished without burrs, and the touch is warm.

Arrange the food in different compartments, it is more yummy without the taste

Deepen the food trough, destined to be delicious

Hanging drain storage

Non-slip silicone - can be firmly sucked on a smooth surface of 60°, won't slip off, baby can use it safely

One-piece molding is easy to clean, and high temperature boiling is more secure - temperature resistance 20-100 ° c, can be assured of steam, ultraviolet and other disinfection methods

*Note: The high temperature disinfection time should not exceed 2 minutes, otherwise it may cause deformation.

Baby Fish plate

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