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The multi-dimensional pattern design provides enlightenment and cognition in stages, gradually develops the baby's brain potential, and develops future intellectuals. The golden stage of cognitive enlightenment for babies aged 0-3. The patterns are presented in the form of cards, which can exercise multiple training of the baby's brain thinking, help enlighten cognition, and appreciate the diversity of the world. Bilingual in Chinese and English to aid enlightenment cognition. Rich and interesting pattern design, with Chinese and English contrast. Stimulate the baby's interest in English enlightenment and make learning more scientific. Soybean vegetable ink printing, to create a high-definition layout, safe and odor-free, has a textured luster, wear-resistant and will not fade, the baby can play with confidence. No fear of water stains and milk stains, just wipe it gently, clean and worry-free. Rounded edge design, smooth grinding without burrs, not hurting little hands to play boldly.

Baby cognition cards

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