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Selected strong ABS material, safe and odor-free, no fear of baby licking, sucking, chewing, strong and resistant to falling.

6-sided structure, more than 6 ways to play, a variety of game designs, so that the baby's brain is wide open, and he loves to play non-stop.

The baby starts his little head, looking for the mysterious panel key, and there are surprises when the lid is opened. During the play, the baby reaps the happiness of self-confidence.

With different hole-shaped designs on both sides, the baby puts blocks of different shapes into the printed holes, and the fun early education cultivates the baby's shape cognition and exercises the hand-eye coordination ability.

The 4 star buttons switch between different musical instruments, and the immersive listening experience of the corresponding piano is played by tapping the keys, which improves the baby's music perception and hearing development.

Baby Activity box puzzle exploration learning six-sided box

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