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Soft material, delicate touch, strong and high elasticity, to ensure that it will not be bitten by the baby.

Safe and odor-free, no fear of baby licking, sucking, chewing, strong and resistant to falling, you can rest assured that high-temperature boiling and disinfection.

Enrich the animal cognition, let the baby enter the animal world, learn to identify, and expand the baby's thinking and vision.

The English words on each building block correspond to animal forms, and while playing, guide your baby to learn basic animal English.

Focus on patience and layer upon layer, exercise your baby's hands-on ability, and play fun games to improve your baby's self-confidence and creativity.

Let your baby learn to distinguish different colors.

At the same time, it can be used as a water play toy. Squeeze the building blocks through the small holes and slowly accumulate water. When you squeeze it gently, the water splashes all over the place, and the tricks divert your attention.

Puzzle animal building blocks

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