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Wash your little butt easily

Recommended must-haves for new mothers


  • Choose raw material suppliers just like controlling milk powder, and refuse to use recycled materials for production. Every material is the result of strict screening, does not contain harmful substances, and truly reaches the level of milk bottles.
  • No fear of mother touching with her face, every edge is smooth and flat, no mistakes are allowed
  • The bottom suction cup of the back card slot, double protection, and the 4-position card slot on the back, suitable for almost all washbasins. The bottom suction cup firmly sucks the washbasin and does not move, giving mommy and baby more security.

One-step installation is easy to use:

  • Snap-on suction cups for easy installation
  • Make sure the suction cups hold the washbasin with the legs facing the wall
  • Place the baby in the center to wash in a supine position (do not leave the baby during the process)

More Details:

  • Hook hole: easy to hang, convenient storage and quick drying.
  • Drainage groove: The water flows down the drainage groove into the washbasin, and the dirt does not flow back.
  • Oval seat back: conforms to the baby's back curve, it is more comfortable to lie down and wash the bottom
  • Curved tail: Hold the baby's legs, let the legs open naturally, easy to clean.

Infant newborn's butt washing artifact

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