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4 golden tips for babies to sleep better - natural bamboo fiber, soft and delicate, healthy and environmentally friendly, moisture-absorbing and breathable


Air-conditioned room is not afraid of freezing, just slightly cool, comfortable air-conditioned room
Antibacterial and mite removal, natural cooling, softer than you can imagine
Widened hem, healthy hip design, provide space for baby's hip development and leg extension, kicking freely
The wrapping is close to the body, and the movement is free. The arm umbrella wrapping design does not affect the baby's arm movement, and also effectively prevents the baby from jumping in sleep.

Shark fin design: customized according to the baby's hand shape, does not hinder the movement
Double zipper: easier to undress and change diapers
Guard Picks: Protect your baby's tender skin

Baby Anti-startle Sleeping Bag/Surrender Summer Thin Bamboo Fiber Swaddle

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