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  • Natural sleeping position, surrender position: The natural sleeping position is wrapped close to the body, allowing the baby to stroke his cheeks with his hands up during sleep, falling asleep in a near-natural sleeping position, and self-soothing to promote more sleep.
  • 100% pure cotton is selected, soft and glutinous, skin-friendly and 0 irritation.
  • The 360-degree surround of the imitation uterus, the baby does not startle, and the mother sleeps peacefully: the newborn has just left the mother's body, and is prone to sleep startle, creating a comfortable environment similar to the mother's uterus, so that the baby can sleep more peacefully in a sense of security.
  • Scientific design, loose hem: the widened hem gives the baby plenty of room for movement, suitable for the growth of the baby's hip joint, and the kicking leg stretches more freely

Infant swaddle/anti-startle sleeping bag/four seasons newborn long-sleeved hand-

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