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  • Collar support technology: 15mm neck support, the support effect is very good, to ensure that the mother can observe the baby's breastfeeding situation at any time, to ensure that the fresh air is unobstructed, and the baby's breathing is unobstructed. Neckline neck support machine wash will not deform, can be folded will not break
  • The waist is equipped with an anti-lifting strap to prevent the baby from pulling it open to prevent exposure
  • D-type metal buckle: anti-rust, adjustable, more durable
  • Inner patch pocket design: convenient for mothers to pack breastfeeding supplies
  • Triangular gauze pocket: When feeding the baby, put paper towels, saliva towels, etc. to wipe the baby's mouth
  • Packaging bag: After feeding, it can be put into a cloth bag, which is clean and hygienic and easy to carry
  • One towel is multi-purpose: put it on the baby carriage, it can block the wind and the sun, and it can also block the light rain

Fabric Features:

Originating in medieval Bangladesh, Muslin cotton is a carefully woven breathable fabric that is considered to be the purest, simplest, gentlest, and one of the most perfect fabrics in the world.


BREATHABLE + COMFORTABLE: Open scrims, plus lightweight Muslin cotton, enhance breathability so your baby doesn't feel stuffy
Soft + Durable: Can withstand long washes and become softer with age

Nursing Clothing/Anti-Light Shade/Nursing Clothes

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