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Summer ice silk wave point hot drill bear pajamas women/long-sleeved trousers silk homewear/simulation silk pajamas set


The stretch satin chiffon fabric in the silk is silky and soft, the comfort is comparable to that of real silk, the luster is more shiny like pearls, and the drape is good.


  • Hot drill bear and polka dot design all show cute temperament
  • Long-term washing, no deformation, no fading, no pilling - to meet the needs of postpartum mothers who often breastfeed, milk-soaked pajamas, and need to be changed frequently
  • Buckle on the chest for easy feeding - to meet the needs of mothers who can quickly undress when the baby is hungry, without catching cold in other parts of the upper body
  • Soft, silky, breathable and cool - the soft and silky skin-friendly feel provides a comfortable experience that keeps you dry and not stuffy even when you sleep and sweat

Summer ice silk wave point hot drill bear pajamas women

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