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What is the difference of children during the epidemic?

I was born in the 1990s. In terms of disasters, I have only experienced SARS. In my childhood, the school wiped the floor with hydrogen peroxide and steamed vinegar every day. No one wears a mask. This has been the biggest catastrophe I have ever experienced. I know that my parents experienced three years of natural disasters when they were children, and the family was not particularly well-off.

The reason I shared my childhood experience is because I always thought that I was born in a time of peace and would never encounter any disaster in my life. But when the pandemic came, my thoughts seemed so ignorant.

The epidemic broke out globally in 2020. My eldest son was three years old, my oldest daughter was two years old, and my youngest daughter was born in May 2021. The global epidemic has been largely controlled.

Now there are more than 20,000 cases in Malaysia. Everyone needs to wear a mask when going out, or even two masks, or a mask and a face shield. I often think about how these children born under the epidemic will feel in their hearts? They have never rejected masks, knowing that the outside is full of viruses, and if they don't wear a mask, they will get sick. Sometimes they see someone without a mask, they will be very worried about that person. In the collective consciousness, their trust in the environment must be very weak, and there is a fear in their hearts that comes from the virus.

There are advantages and disadvantages in other area: this generation of children under the epidemic will have more parents to accompany than other children. Because of the epidemic, parents will work at home. If parents are patient, children will have a lot of wonderful parent-child time in their childhood, and they will have a sense of security from parental love. If parents are impatient and grumpy, too much accompany will only torture each other.

My youngest daughter is five months old. Because of the epidemic, my husband is more involved in the child's care and company. With the help of the elderly, I feel that the child grows up so quickly. I did not experience postpartum low back pain in the first two births because of the help of more family members. Daniel and Dora's school was also closed, Dahlia always saw her brother and sister around her every day. The house was filled with children's laugh and noise all the time.

The emergence of the epidemic comes from the control of the universe. Due to the long-term work of parents, the children in the city have become left-behind children. They are left to their parents, babysitters, and schools. Children lack warmth and parents lack commitment. God put the disordered order back in place. How they will view the world in the future, affect the world, or what changes will take place in the world are still unknown, let's wait and see!

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