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Mother's Day is coming-a letter to all expecting mothers

Updated: May 6, 2022

"MUXINAI" means "caring for the mother's heart".

The annual Mother's Day is coming, and I want to say to all mothers, "You have worked a lot, thank you so much."

MUXINAI focuses on providing care and support to mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. During this period, mothers are going through an important stage of life. They are prone to emotional fluctuations as well as facing various physical difficulties.

The biggest challenge for pregnant mothers is the pressure related to the third trimester. The more you get to the third trimester, the bigger your belly is, which can bring some uncomfortable moments in your daily life.


Getting up, simple action in the past, now requires sideways and support to get up. Because of the baby in the belly, it is difficult for the mother to exert core strength, and she needs to support the weight of the body with her arms, which sometimes might be very difficult. Often mothers get frustrated at times like this and feel her like a ball. If the husband is by her side at this time, please help your wife to get up, which will make her feel warm and supported. Many mothers are used to not asking for help and blame others for not helping them. Even if your partner is not around, please slow down your movements. You are in this body shape just at this moment, so please take good care and enjoy it. The thought of meeting your baby soon will definitely give you extra strength. And remember, if you need someone to listen, MUXINAI is always here for you.


Pregnant women should always ensure water supplementation. Drinking too little will lead to too little amniotic fluid, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby. But in the third trimester, the uterus is pressing on the bladder, and it is easy to urinate frequently. Please mothers don't be reluctant to drink water because of this. For the health of you and your child, you should still ensure the amount of water you drink. Please also don't hold back your urine. Holding back urine for a long time can easily lead to urinary tract infections.


As the child grows, the mother will often feel abdominal discomfort, sometimes because of the child's punching and kicking, sometimes because of his rotation pulling nearby tissues and organs. If you encounter such a situation while walking, take a few breaks after a few steps. Many mothers are willing to move around in the third trimester for smooth delivery. Appropriate exercise is recommended, but please don't overwork yourself.


Mothers' feet and calves in the third trimester are prone to edema. The way to determine edema is to press the swollen part with your fingers, and the skin depression will rebound very slowly. Not only is this soreness annoying, but it can also cause some moms to change into shoes that are several sizes larger than they normally wear. Please have more rest. If you don't get enough sleep at night, you can have a nap during the day. Don't walk too much or get tired. When resting, you can put your feet high and ensure to have enough vitamins and protein.


The limbs of mothers in the third trimester are afraid of catching a cold, and they are more sensitive to air-conditioning wind. Please wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants to keep warm.

Congratulations, Mama! Your little bundle of joy will be soon in your arms. There is no need to worry because you and your baby will know exactly what to do. Just trust your maternal instincts, and enjoy the company and care of your family, friends, and also us. MUXINAI is here for you anytime.


Below is a class dedicated to managing negative emotions in the third trimester that you are welcome to attend. In fact, it can not only be used in the third trimester of pregnancy, but many times we are prone to have negative emotions under great pressure, so this is an emotional management class that can be used for a lifetime. I look forward to your joining.

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